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FullChea-Натуральный эвкалиптовый чай в пакетиках 30 пакетиков, 1,5 г/пакетик-100% чистый Хойас де Эвкалипто-Без ГМО-без кофеина-улучшает здоровье дых

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Бренд: FullChea Вес: Упаковка: Пакет Срок годности: 18 месяцев Место производства: Китай Дата производства:
Brand FullChea
Item Form Teabag
Flavor Eucalyptus Tea
Tea Variety Green
Unit Count 30.00 Count
  • 【100% Natural Ingredients】We only choose the fresh and tender green eucalyptus leaves as raw materials without adding artificial flavor or additives. To provide you with a great flavor after brewing, we cut the dried eucalyptus leaves into pieces.
  • 【Soothing And Refreshing】Eucalyptus leaves are intensely aromatic with a mix of menthol, citrus, and pine scents, which is suitable to make a soothing and refreshing herbal tea. Turn to eucalyptus leaf tea, when you need a soothing and nurturing brew.
  • 【Health Benefit】The eucalyptus leaves produce a rich and revitalizing herbal infusion that has been used for centuries to naturally relieve seasonal respiratory discomfort. Besides, it is a great source of antioxidants, particularly flavonoids that can increase your immunity.
  • 【Try To Blend】Just an eucalyptus leaf tea bag with some freshly boiled water, you can get a perfect cup of eucalyptus tea. Adding honey to that will add sweetness, calories and sugar.You may also choose to blend eucalyptus leaf tea with peppermint or chamomile to increase the soothing properties of the tea.
  • 【Enjoy Convenience】There are 30 tea bags in the resealable, and you can get a cup of healthy herbal tea just by using a tea bag. From the first cup of eucalyptus leaf tea to the last, you will find that our excellent packaging keeps your tea bags fresh and ready to use!

Natural Eucalyptus Tea Bag

Looking for some healthy herbal tea?

Eucalyptus leaves, also known as "Blue Gum", have been used in various traditional wellness systems including Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Greco-European over the past centuries. Nowadays, the leaves are commonly made into a respiratory support tea.

Hojas de Eucalipto loose leaves

Why it is special?

Eucalyptus is remarkable for its value in several areas. Especially, its leaves can make a soothing and refreshing herbal tea and hints of woody mint faintly hide in the overall flavor.

The powerful effects of eucalyptus leaf are widely studied.

Enjoy the benefits of eucalyptus tea!

The powerful effects of eucalyptus leaf are widely studied. This all-natural herbal tea has direct impact on boosting respiratory health. Breathe easily after enjoying a cup of hot eucalyptus tea.

In addition, this tea might act as a natural booster for your immunity.

How to brew a cup of healthy eucalyptus tea


  • Steep the tea bags into boiling water for 3-6 minutes, and then remove the bags.
  • Each tea bag contains sufficient eucalyptus leaves, which will make sure you can get the best flavor with ONLY ONE teabag.
  • The tea tastes warm and finishes with a cooling sensation. If you prefer a sweeter taste, add some honey. Enjoy our eucalyptus leaf tea bags!
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